TV & Internet

The housing society Bjuvshus Nr. 2 is a modern housing society with high-speed broadband connection via a MAN from Öresundskraft and a digital TV-network from Sydantenn. Read more below for information about how the networks work, which ISP’s exist and so on.


The housing society has a network outlet in all of the appartments as well as the larger storage/office rooms, all connected to Öresundskrafts metropolitan area network (MAN). The network has a capacity of up to 100 Mbit/s and at least 10 Mbit/s locally in the MAN (Helsingborg, Bjuv and Höganäs). An activation fee (one time fee only) is billed from Öresundskraft upon activation. The monthly fees for the Internet connetion will be billed from the ISP you choose. To see status, avaliable ISP’s and other information please visit Every appartment needs an Internet subscription to make use of the network outlet in the hallway.


The housing society has a digital TV-network from Sydantenn. In the base supply of TV-channels (included in the monthly fee) are the following channels:

Analog channels

Digital channels

It is possible to recieve all of the channels in the base supply via digital broadcasts instead. The only items required is a digital reciever (if you don’t already have one) and a smart card. The only fee for this is the rental of the smart card which currently is 299 SEK per year. For more up to date prices, more channels and additional information please visit Sydantenn.