Co-Operative Apartment add-on insurance

The yearly fee includes a so called Co-Operative Apartment add-on insurance which means you don’t have to sign up for this by your own. The Co-Operative Apartment add-on insurance is a add-on to your regular home-insurance which covers damages on the housing societies property caused by you.

Home insurance

You do need to get your own home insurance though. The home insurance covers damages in your own apartment. Many home insurance policys often included other add-on insurances depending on which insurance company you choose. Such add-ons can be for example a prop insurance for physical things that you own, a travel insurance, an assualt insurance etc. If you’re a unionist the home insurance is often included in your fee to the union. But be sure to check, just in case. If you’re not a member of any union, you need to get your own home insurance.