Fire safety

Below are some fire safety demands and recomendations.

Smoke detector

A working smoke detector must exist in every apartment! It is each and every members duty to buy, maintain and test the smoke detector. There are also smoke detectors in our public spaces, such as the laundry rooms. If you’ll notice a low battery warning from any of these smoke detector, please contact the board so that they can replace the battery.


The stairwells must always be keept free from debris! It is probited to keep strollers, bicyles, carpets, newspapers, shoes etc in the stairwells. It’s not even allowed to momentarily store things in the stairwells! When you pass through the entrance at night or late evening, make sure the entrance shuts close and lock behind you.


Please help us keep the basements free from debris. Most fires in apartment buildings start in the basement. If we all do our best to keep the basements free from debris we might just prevent that horrible fire.

Things to consider and remember