Error reporting

Bjuvshus Nr. 2 buys services such as managment, administration, error reporting and repair services from HSB Nordvästra Skåne.

Services & Error reporting

Error reporting is to be phoned in at HSB Services tel: 042-19 95 90. Between 07:00 - 10:00 the phone is answered by a human. Outside of 07:00 - 10:00 you’ll be connected to an answering machine. In case urgent matters follow the instructions by the answering machine. Error reporting can also be done online at by following the link Kontakt.


Karin Alfredsson is our manager/administrator from HSB. Questions regarding services, insurances, maintenace etc. Tel: 042-19 95 00.

Administrative services

Questions regarding monthly fees, bills, automatic paymeny service, demise, queue for garages and parking spaces etc. Tel: 042-19 95 31.

Storage rooms etc

There are a bunch of other rooms in diffrent sizes and priace ranges avalible. Please contact HSB at tel. 042-19 95 31 for more information about avalible storage and office rooms.